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The New NoteBook

The New NoteBook

With almost 2000 farms being managed with the help of AgriWebb, all across Australia, we have the unique ability and privilege of speaking with countless farmers, getting their feedback and making improvements to the software on a daily basis. This feedback loop ensures we are delivering the farm management app that Australian farmers both want and need.

From this feedback, a clear pattern emerged, “Make the NoteBook app available on my iPhone.”  Making the original app available across both Apple and Android devices presented an enormous opportunity to improve upon all of the core functions that AgriWebb users have come to love, one that we couldn’t pass up.

Over the past few months, we have kept you informed as function after function is made available on the new AgriWebb NoteBook app (Available across Apple and Android devices). Today we are thrilled to announce that this new NoteBook app now includes all the functionality seen on the original app plus many improvements to core functions and overall usability.

Read below for an overview of the latest functions being made available for download, a few of the core functions that have been improved over the past months and what’s next for the NoteBook and Portal.

Newest available functions

  • Paddock spray and fertiliser application records
  • Paddock cultivation, sowing and harvest records
  • Feed on Offer and Pasture growth rate records
  • Mob movement improvements, allowing for simpler long distance moves

Core improvements for the new NoteBook App (NoteBook 2)

  • Record multiple treatments to multiple mobs with one record
  • Record multiple feeds to multiple mobs with one record
  • Simple and easy to read graphs available in-app, on your phone
  • Improved usability making the app even more simple and easy to use
  • Customisable reporting for improved decision making
  • Free trials now available – Start your free trial 

Functions coming soon

  • Operational Calendar – for more information, visit here
  • Improved reporting – Fertility reporting, Livestock Production, Gross Margin reports, etc.
  • Biosecurity features
  • ‘Open gate’ function and many more!

For more information about future functionality for the NoteBook 2 app and Portal contact us anytime. We look forward to helping you farm smarter!


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