Digital Farm Walk

Grazing Day: 20 May 2020, 12pm - 6pm

With all the UK farming events being cancelled, we wanted to give farmers the space and opportunity to still come together and share knowledge. 

That’s why we’re bringing you our Digital Farm Walk: a monthly set of online sessions to give you a virtual peek over the fence of what other farmers are up to, plus what’s happening in the industry. We hope you’ll join us for a session or two, and a beer from afar at the end of the day!

This month's theme is all things grazing.

Plus, win a free year of AgriWebb!

More details below.

12pm: Producing 100% grass-fed beef and lamb

Fidelity Weston - Vice Chairman, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

James Allen - Heritage Graziers

1pm: The factors affecting lamb growth rates

Rhidian Jones - Farmer and Grassland Consultant, RJ Livestock Systems

2pm: A peek over the fence at Lemmington Hill Head

James Drummond, Owner

3pm: Grazing Masterclass

Gareth Davies - Consultant, Gareth's Grassland Advisory Services

4pm: A peek over the fence at Castle Hill

Patrick Loxdale - Owner

4.30pm: A peek over the fence at Penmaen Bach

Richard Rees - Owner

5pm: Pasture patter & virtual pints

Gareth Davies - Gareth's Grassland Advisory Services

Michael Blanche - The Pasture Pod

John Yeomans - Llwyn y Brain

Please note: we'll be recording every session for all registrants - so sign up even if you're busy during a session you'd really like to attend.


Win a free year of AgriWebb

All registrants will be entered in our prize draw for a full year on AgriWebb, worth £400.

Attendees on the day have the chance to win gifts and additional entries in the prize draw.*

* AgriWebb subscription package is valid at £400 inc. VAT. Speak to a member of staff for further details about farm and user allowances.  A prize draw winner will be picked at random at the end of the event.