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Make Value-Added Compliance a Breeze

AgriWebb equips you with the tools and reports to comply with your value-added program requirements. From treatment and movement reports to full animal histories, you can easily track, segment, and share the data auditors need to keep you in the green.

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Power Up your Treatment Records

Apply and track every vaccine or treatment applied to any animal on your ranch. Plus, end-to-end animal histories mean you can always access true investment values for each individual animal you treat.

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Track Every Move

Record animal movements from pasture to pasture with a simple drag and drop. Movement records don’t just move your animals between grazing areas; they automatically calculate real-time grazing insights for more powerful decision-making.

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Stay Organized with Management Groups and Enterprises

Organize your livestock into the separate business units that comprise your operation, and easily compare to see which ones are most profitable and which areas have room for improvement.

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Treatment Reports

Access a complete overview of each animal or herd that’s been treated on your operation. From the specific treatment, to the amount, cost, application date and reason, you can see it all.

Livestock Gross Margins

Understand your full input and output costs to establish your net profit margin for production across the season.

Livestock Reconciliation Reports {Level-Up with Individual}

Keep track of livestock as they move between different age classes, management groups or enter and exit the operation through transactional events such as sales and purchases.

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“Passing audits and remaining compliant with programs like Savory, NHTC and GAP has become much smoother. I can walk the auditor through my AgriWebb, showing which animals were treated and where they were grazed, making the process seamless.”

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No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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