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Livestock management software, built for your team

Don’t just manage your livestock records and grazing insights. Help the whole team work better, faster, smarter with team and task management from AgriWebb.

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Explore our team and task management tools

Our team and task management tools are available on all AgriWebb plans

Task Management

Assign tasks and manage progress in real time.


Plot your tasks and events in Calendar View.

GPS Locations

Streamline tasks by adding exact locations.


Give your staff the details they need.

Unlimited Users

Give account access to anyone who needs it.

User Roles

Avoid mistakes by limiting permissions.

Plot your tasks and events in Calendar View.

Sometimes the hardest part of completing tasks is knowing when to start them. Plan your time according to upcoming events by using the Calendar feature which allows you to see what’s coming up.

Streamline tasks by adding exact locations.

 If your operation is big enough to require staff, it’s big enough to benefit from GPS. Avoid confusion by using GPS in existing reports. Whether you’re repairing, monitoring or moving livestock, knowing where a task needs to happen is critical information.

Include the whole team with unlimited users

Some software offerings limit your user count. We make sure you can give access to every stakeholder who plays a role in your success, without extra fees.

Give your staff the details they need with notes!

Every livestock operation is different, and so are tasks your team needs to focus on. With the notes function, you can easily keep track of custom tasks and ensure your team has the info they need to get the right things done.

Avoid mistakes with permissions you control.

When it comes to your data, control is key. With User Roles, you can ensure every member on your account has the right information, and the right permissions.

“The Calendar is a great example of a new feature done really well. It is a simple thing that does its job well and really makes life easier to keep track of a lot of information all at one.”

Leah, Agriwebb User

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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