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Running a livestock business is about more than farm records.

AgriWebb isn’t just for record keeping – we’re the only solution designed to help you manage everything that matters. No matter what goals you set for your land, livestock, and legacy, AgriWebb helps you meet them with powerful features and insights you won’t find anywhere else. Want to see how we’re empowering thousands of producers to move their farms forward? Explore our customer stories now.

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AgriWebb is inspired by farmers, but we’re built to power the entire industry. Whatever role you play in the livestock supply chain, we can help you run your business faster, smarter, better.

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The future of livestock management lives here

It is the first time I have used an app or program like this and find it very useful

Henry C


Agriwebb encompasses alot of farm related items, especially now that individual cattle management is available.

As we are only a small farm, individual cattle management is critical for us, the additional farm items eg:crop management and farm layout was an added bonus/incentive.

We were looking at other packages and chose Agriwebb due to the above otherwise we were looking at having different programmes for different items which would have been too complicated.

Now that you have integrated Gallagher units it’s ideal, this was the main reason for our choice and would recommend it to others as well.

Andrew P


Easy to use. Ability to record as much information as you like about stock, pastures and crops. It keeps track of WHP and ESI after treatments.

Stuart K


We have found it a useful way to record on the ground mob management. The phone input was a game changer that eliminated the notebook and the I’ll do it later mentality.

David B


Has allowed us to electronically improve our data collation exponentialy .

Ian M


AgriWebb is simple to use and a great way of sharing information with employees on our property

Graeme K


Great user interface. Friendly and responsive online customer service

Doug M


I find it good and usable for people that aren’t that good with IT stuff….like me

Daryl W


It is fantastic to have all my farm info in one place. I couldn’t go a whole day without using AgriWebb.

Rowan R


No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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  • No credit card required
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