We’ve got everything you need to plan, track and improve your farming business.

Multi-user, multi-farm and in sync all the time.

Full farm record keeping app on your phone or tablet, for on the go and offline data entry. Cloud based operational planning and customisable reporting from your computer or mobile device.

Full farm record keeping

Full farm record keeping in your pocket, on the go and offline

  • Includes all key livestock and paddock records
  • Built to be simple - AgriWebb users spend just 5.5 minutes per day on record entry
  • Backed up to the cloud, so your records are safe and always available whenever you need them

Your farm map

Forget the whiteboard in the shed - this map goes where you go and updates in realtime.

  • Mobs, paddocks, vegetation, infrastructure - AgriWebb has it all

  • Simple map creation, import and printing

  • Mark out infrastructure and landmarks around your farm

Mob movements and grazing

Always know what’s happening on your farm.

  • Drag and drop mob movements makes management simple and easy
  • AgriWebb’s map lets you see where your stock are, how many are in each paddock and even tracks joining
  • Our Grazing Planner projects feed-on-offer and daily consumption based on DSE to help you understand when to move them


You’ve got the records, but how do you understand and adapt your business based on them?

  • You enter records, we take care of the reports, including cost of production and gross margin; it’s that easy
  • Overlay your report data on your farm map for the ultimate data visualisation
  • Upcoming audit? We’ve worked with major auditors to reduce audit times from hours to minutes

Operational Planner

Increase production with a best practice operational plan tailored to your specific conditions.

  • Programs tailored to your enterprise, region, pasture and pest conditions
  • Best practice recommendations created with Australia’s top veterinary and nutrition experts
  • Adjust dates, ignore events or add custom ones to tailor recommendations to your specific needs

Inventory management

Keeping track of feed, fertiliser and chemical inventory is easy with AgriWebb

  • Capture batch numbers, expiry dates, withholding and all other important information
  • Track inventory costs for every application per head and per hectare
  • Easily see when you’re low on supply and need to reorder

Task management

Whether it’s just you or you’re part of a team, you need to know what’s happening on your farm and how it’s getting done.

  • Full task management including priority and allocation to team members
  • Drop a GPS pin on your map to make sure you come back to the right spot
  • Visualised on the farm map, so everyone can immediately see what’s happening and where

Individual animal management

Individual animal data isn’t enough. It has to be driven by and fed back into your business goals in an easy, visual way.

  • Create weight targets throughout a season and track individual animals against them
  • Identify animals that wont make the grid and draft them out for specific management
  • Import data from all common EID weigh-heads and indicators including Gallagher and Tru-Test

Biosecurity plans

We’ve worked with industry bodies to help you protect your farm and the industry.

  • Industry leading plans at your fingertips from Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) and Livestock Biosecurity Network (LBN)
  • Covers JBAS requirements
  • Adapts and grows as your operation, and audit requirements, become more complex