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Choose from 27 ready-to-use customisable reports, allowing you to get the information you need with minimal effort.

Flexible and customisable

Show and hide columns, sort rows and define time periods intuitively so you can get the answers you need quickly and easily.


Print your report as a table, for reports with few columns, or a list, for reports with many columns.


For the ultimate flexibility, download your report as a CSV to analyse or manipulate your data further.

27 ready to use reports


Crutching records

DSE load by paddock

Feed records


Joining records

Livestock activity by paddock

Livestock cost of production

Livestock gross margin

Livestock reconciliation

Livestock schedule

Marking records

Purchase records

Sale records

Shearing records

Weaning records

Death records

Treatment records

Paddock grazing intensity



Cultivation records

Sowing records

Harvest records

Harvest sale records

Paddock cost of production

Treatment records


Rainfall by gauge

Rainfall records