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GPS Enabled

Create tasks when and where you see them.

Notice a broken fence post, a tree down, or a patch of weeds that needs attention? Creating a task from the mobile app will place it exactly where you are thanks to the GPS enabled map.

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Due date

If the due date passes, the task marker glows red on the farm map to easily keep track of overdue work items.

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Group like items together by batch number, type, title or description to be understand what you have on hand.

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User assignment

Assign tasks to staff or contractors with an active AgriWebb account and access to your farm.

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Provide instructions or more context to ensure staff have the information they need to get the job done.

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Keep a running commentary on the progress of the task using notes.

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All tasks are visible on the farm map, ensuring staff spend less time finding the problem and get it fixed faster.

Offline App

Every detail to get the job done.

From the GPS location or the paddock name, to additional instructions or notes. Have the confidence your staff have all the information to get the task completed.

Display work items, how you want to see them.

Toggle between map and list views on both the mobile and web apps.

Try It Now

Overdue tasks

If the due date passes the task marker on the farm map glows red to help you track overdue work items.

Filter the task list

Understand what tasks you’re responsible for, which have been done, or find tasks that are unassigned quickly and easily.

Seamlessly work offline

Like all features of the AgriWebb mobile app, tasks are able to be created or completed offline.

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