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The Farming Team

A collaborative effort to make the Australian farmer more profitable. The Farming Team, launched today at Xerocon Melbourne, is a collaboration between eight innovative companies aimed at educating Australian farmers on best practice cloud applications to run their farming businesses. Along with facilitating the setup and training of farmers on this integrated ecosystem of apps, The … Continued

The New NoteBook

With almost 2000 farms being managed with the help of AgriWebb, all across Australia, we have the unique ability and privilege of speaking with countless farmers, getting their feedback and making improvements to the software on a daily basis. This feedback loop ensures we are delivering the farm management app that Australian farmers both want and … Continued

Upcoming AgriWebb Events

There is no better way to build a tool that the Australian livestock producer needs and wants than to get out and get amongst the exceptional farmers that want that very tool.  We love seeing and speaking with the farmers that use the NoteBook and AgriWebb Portal to manage their more than 1600 farms, to ensure … Continued

Improving and Innovating

(6 minute read) In our last update, I mentioned that the entire AgriWebb team was laser focused on getting the NoteBook into as many hands as possible by making it available on both Android and Apple devices.  This ground up re-write of the NoteBook has allowed us to rework and rethink many of the core … Continued