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🇦🇺 3 reasons to use Individual Animal Management in AgriWebb

AgriWebb’s Individual Animal Management software makes it easy to manage everything that matters to your livestock operation, all in one place. Here are three reasons to get started with Individual Animal Management.

Gain Greater Oversight of Your Operation

Knowledge is power. With Individual Animal Management, you know exactly what is going on in your operation, down to the last beast. Activities such as livestock movements and animal treatments are recorded in the field as they happen, and managers can assign tasks to keep teammates on track.

With these activities recorded on a mobile device and synced through the cloud, you can be in the office or on holiday and know what’s happening on farm.

Individual animal management has been a huge success at Mitta Agricultural Company in Victoria. “It has given us a whole new level of management oversight that we didn’t have before,” says David Patton.

The Patons freight their livestock across several properties throughout the year. Cattle are scanned going through the yards, and the information is uploaded to the AgriWebb system.

“If we’re not in complete control of where they are, then our biggest asset is largely unknown,” David says. “With that problem solved, the scalability of our operation is pretty much infinite.”

Make Management Decisions Backed by Data

This accurate, up-to-date, and granular knowledge has also made life much easier for Carlie and Lauchie Ward, who run Namgooyah Grazing in Queensland’s Central Highlands.

AgriWebb’s automatically generated livestock reconciliation report provides comprehensive starting and closing figures. “We’re always looking at new finance opportunities and strategic goals for the business, whether it is feed budgeting or marketing our feeders, so for us to get an accurate reconciliation is paramount,” Carlie says.

AgriWebb integrates with a number of hardware providers to assist in tracking data collected in the yards. With this data, AgriWebb produces powerful animal insights, such as average daily gains and projected weight over time. The Ward’s Tru-Test hardware records weights that are instantly transferred to the AgriWebb platform. This empowers the Wards to make well-informed and timely crush-side decisions, improving the productivity of their herd.

“We were trying to generate a lot more data to help us make decisions that were actually informed instead of just winging it all the time,” says Carlie. “Now that I’m using individual animal management, I really would struggle to go back to not having these insights.”

Secure a Sustainable Future

Individual animal management helps you discover gains across your business that add up to a much more sustainable operation, not just financially but environmentally, too. What’s more, it gives you the data to prove it.

“We can show how, with increased productivity, we actually have a net benefit to the environment we operate in,” says Lachlan Graham at Argyle Foods Group, which raises livestock on properties along Australia’s east coast.

Argyle Foods Group is focused on verification programs that open markets and bring in a premium for its product. AgriWebb has been a valuable tool for streamlining that process. “We’ve got a massive story to tell. The software we use on farm put us in a position to validate, verify, and then market ourselves as an ESG-focused company,” says Lachlan.

“It’s all about having good data. And it’s the way forward for our business in terms of reporting, but also in terms of growth capital and profitability.”

Lachlan believes using data smartly and embracing technology is central to success in the farming landscape. “Anyone not using tech will get left behind,” he says.

Are you interested in learning more about individual animal management in AgriWebb? You can start a free trial here, or call 02 8311 4675.

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