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🌐 Employee Spotlight: Campbell Mauchan

stuart white

Every business needs a Campbell Mauchan: someone whose passion and enthusiasm is infectious for both colleagues and clients. Campbell is one of the original members of our team, having been part of AgriWebb for more than five years. During this time he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the agriculture industry in Australia and abroad. 

A new career in agtech

In 2016 Campbell Mauchan moved to Melbourne from Canada with his wife-to-be, who was on a six-month work visa. He was looking for a relatively short-term contract when he went for an interview for the position of AgriWebb’s Head of Business Development and Marketing Manager. In the AgriWebb head office – then a one-room studio with four desks and a bar fridge – he hit it off with co-founder Kevin Baum, and soon found himself heading down a new career path.

At the time, the most experience Campbell had with farming was tapping maple trees on school excursions to rural Ontario. One thing that cemented Campbell’s commitment to AgriWebb was meeting its customers. “Two weeks into my time at AgriWebb, [co-founder] John Fargher took me on a farm tour. I was very out of place, with my fresh polo, clean trousers, and dress shoes. But the farmers couldn’t have been more welcoming. They saw that I was an outsider and wanted to show me the ropes and help me understand the industry,” he recalls.

“I fell in love with the people and what they are working to accomplish – leaving the land better than how they found it. At the same time, I saw our product making tangible differences to these people’s lives.”

Taking AgriWebb to the UK

After eight months in Melbourne, Campbell moved to Sydney with the growing AgriWebb team. In 2019, he made another move across the globe, to the UK, where he would take on the role of Country Manager.

“I assist sales and success teams, making sure everyone has the tools they need to succeed,” he explains. “It’s my responsibility that we are on track to deliver the best possible product we can to our farmers.”

Campbell has a sense of pride in the team that has been assembled in the last few years. “We have a phenomenal team over here in the UK, with a healthy mix of people from different backgrounds,” he says. “There are people with extensive experience in the industry, like Bel Rodgers, Josh Brock, and who could forget Huw Davies – the most connected person in the UK. And the rest of the team that haven’t had as much to do with agriculture are able to bring fresh perspectives to what we are doing.”

Helping to shape the future of farming

Campbell is proud of the difference AgriWebb is making to the UK agtech scene. “We are giving producers the information they need to make more informed decisions, to run more profitable businesses, all while contributing to the sustainable future of agriculture,” he says.

Looking back over the past five years and the advances he has seen at AgriWebb and in the agricultural industry as a whole, Campbell is increasingly excited about the future of agriculture.

“If you just looked at headlines about climate change and carbon emissions, you could get discouraged,” Campbell says. “But we’re working with amazing corporations that are involved with reducing carbon emissions, and driving sustainable farming. I really believe in the work we are doing with them here in the UK. I’m confident that AgriWebb is leading the way into the future of agriculture.”

If you’d like to follow Campbell’s journey at AgriWebb, you can do so via LinkedIn here

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