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🇦🇺 Employee Spotlight: Munro Hardy

munro hardy in helicopter

When you first meet Munro Hardy it doesn’t take long to realise there are a few key things he is truly passionate about: agriculture, the Northern Territory, and flying choppers. Over the last year Munro has covered thousands of kilometres across a hatful of trips. His next trip coincides with Beef Week, and the official launch of our Individual Animal Management product, in QLD and the NT this May. 

Making his way north

Growing up on a grazing property in the West Wimmera in Victoria was where Munro’s passion for agriculture began. Munro’s earliest memories are of a sense of wanting to learn everything he could about the agriculture industry, and what the great unknown of the Northern Territory could offer him. “I spent my summer school holidays working during harvest in the grain bunkers of South Australia and dreamt of travelling north to see the Northern Territory. To me, it was Nature Territory. An untamed land that was home to cattle, crocodiles, buffalo, brolgas, and Mick Dundee.” Soon after finishing school Munro did just that, turning that dream into more than a decade of education and experience.

“For more than thirteen years I have built a successful career in the cattle industry. I have grown my experience working on some of Australia’s largest cattle stations, and have developed a deep understanding of many different operations. In the process, I have built an extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the economic, cultural and political fabric of the cattle industry.”

Connecting livestock producers with agtech

The transition from the pilot seat of a chopper to a small desk in his apartment (due to covid); and later an inner-city office space, may have been a bit of a shock to the system, but Munro has worked hard since starting at AgriWebb to provide producers around the country with bespoke livestock management solutions for their businesses. “I aim to help managers understand the value of data and record-keeping, to enable them to have a true understanding of the performance and production capabilities of their operation. We work together on anything from paddock and pasture performance, animal health treatments, supplemental feed and lick, to animal fertility and weight gain. I work with my clients to enable them to make more informed decisions based on this data, as well as streamlining the business in terms of reporting, forecasting and satisfying accreditation and audit requirements. One of the biggest tangible benefits I’ve seen working with my clients, is the efficiency created in monthly reporting between station managers and head office. We have been able to remove the manual entry and double handling of data, as well as the friction created by discrepancies between different stakeholders.”

“I have made it my mission to learn all I can from leaders in the industry, and to discover the best solutions available to producers. Working with AgriWebb has enabled me to have broader discussions with many different stakeholders to bring new ideas and enthusiasm to promote the growth and prosperity of the Agriculture Industry. Working with leaders in the cattle industry in the lead-up to the launch of our brand new Individual Animal Management platform, it is clear as day that this product is going to have an undeniable impact on the efficiency and profitability of livestock operations around the world.”

A reason to stay

Despite several recommendations from Munro’s end, we have not yet relocated our Sydney HQ to Darwin, but he seems confident that the valuable work he is doing at AgriWebb means he is able to justify being based in Sydney for the meantime. “I am inspired to continue working at AgriWebb due to the company’s relentless focus on adding value to producers, as well as the vision to deliver a sustainable future in agriculture. The team here is highly conscious of the world’s growing population and the pressure on agriculture to sustainably meet the required goals in production over the coming decades. I’m proud to be a part of a team dedicated to making real and lasting impacts on the agriculture industry, for a better future for everyone.” 

If you’d like to follow Munro’s journey with AgriWebb, you can do so via LinkedIn here, or check out his instagram.

Munro will be at the NTCA conference in March, and Beef Week in May; if you’re interested in catching up to discuss how AgriWebb can improve your operation, please contact Munro: 0438 051 387

AgriWebb would like to congratulate Munro on his recent acceptance into the Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA program. The program aims to inspire, empower and support the next generation of leaders within the Northern Territory Pastoral Industry. This initiative plays a vital role in allowing the future of our industry to be involved in the planning and decision making which occurs today within the NTCA.

Now approaching its seventh year, the program provides participants with the opportunity to network with current industry leaders, stakeholders and representatives from Territory and Federal Governments. Participation in the program will allow participants to establish relationships that will positively influence the continuing growth and prosperity of the NT Pastoral Industry, as well as inject new ideas and enthusiasm that influences its future direction. Congratulations Munro!

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