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🇦🇺 Is AgTech your key to success in uncertain livestock markets?

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It’s no secret that fluctuating livestock markets, climate change, and the ever-increasing consumer demand for sustainable farming practices are putting livestock producers under immense pressure. In these times of volatility, where cost-saving is at the front of everyone’s minds, we understand that investing in (and sticking with) AgTech might not seem like an obvious choice. Nevertheless, committing to AgTech is a decision that will reap both short and long-term rewards. We recently ran a webinar with industry experts and advisors from MLA and Agribusiness Concepts that produced a series of key takeaways. The following blog will explore these learnings, and reveal why you should stick with AgTech, even when the livestock market isn’t at its best.

Understanding the market, and making informed decisions:

  • Understand the true trends of the market; recognise that farming is a long-term game and avoid panic selling.
  • Quality pays off in the long run, so invest in tools and people to enhance productivity, profitability, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Recognise that volatility in the market can be fueled by panic selling. Instead, producers should think strategically and plan 2-3 years in advance where possible

Stock Management:

  • Assess stocking rates and carrying capacity to optimise herd/flock management.
  • Identify and remove underperformers based on factors like condition score, as quality is a key driver of price performance.

Cost Management:

  • Understand the cost of production, including inputs like feed, to effectively manage expenses.

Prioritise your breeders:

  • Prioritise breeders, especially females and their fertility, as they are critical for long-term success in livestock farming.

Systems and Support:

  • Implement systems, processes, and support structures to improve decision-making and team efficiency.
  • Embrace agtech tools like livestock management, water monitoring, and grass monitoring to streamline your business

In the face of rising global food demand, resource constraints, and environmental concerns, AgTech represents a reliable investment that will pay off both in the short and long term. As the saying goes, “Don’t wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait.” The same principle applies to investing in AgTech – invest and commit now in order to reap the rewards tomorrow. 

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