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🌎 Top 5 takeaways from the 2024 State of the Farmer Report

To inform our 2024 State of the farmer report we surveyed over 1000 farmers around the world to learn their priorities, preferences, and predictions for the agriculture industry now and in the future. Here’s their 5 top priorities for 2024. 

1. Soaring input costs are a growing concern, globally.

Across the globe, livestock producers are feeling the squeeze of rising input costs, with over 40% of survey respondents naming it their top concern. After a surge in 2022, input costs continued to climb in 2023. Farmers reported they were struggling as fuel and fertiliser bills cut into their profits, while interest rate hikes have also caused pain.

2. It’s a waiting game with carbon programmes

Sustainability and carbon-focused programmes are seeing increased participation, especially in the UK where nearly half (49.7%) of respondents are involved. However, participation is more tentative in Australia (18.7%) and the US (22.4%). The main reason farmers and ranchers gave for not joining programmes is that they are waiting to see how the markets develop. Regardless of their current situation, many producers recognise the importance keeping accurate data plays in supporting carbon claims. “Having defensible data that allows us to sell quality product that is carbon neutral and efficiently and sustainably produced will get the premiums,” one respondent shared.

3. Producers feel ignored by governments

A stark disconnect exists between livestock producers and their governments. Only a small fraction of respondents in the US (12.2%), UK (3.9%), and Australia (7.1%) boasted a crystal-clear understanding of their government’s livestock industry policies. Furthermore, 59.3% of farmers surveyed feel very unsupported or somewhat unsupported by government policies.

4. Aussie farmers are tech trailblazers

Australian farmers are at the forefront of technology adoption. Over 80% use AgTech for record-keeping, with a strong preference for AgriWebb (over 60%) and other farm management software. Interestingly, roughly 40% still rely somewhat on spreadsheets, despite most claiming a desire to improve efficiency on farm.

5. Grazing management is the key to success

Optimising grazing planning is a leading priority in 2024. In the US, in the wake of severe drought, 44% of farmers consider it a top priority. That compares to 28% in the UK (28%) and 30% in Australia.

Its importance is reflected in requests from producers for new sustainability-related features in AgriWebb. Grazing planning functionality is a clear favourite, requested by 61% of survey respondents. Addressing these needs, you’ll be excited to hear that AgriWebb is set to introduce a grazing solution. Version 1 features a rotational planner and a grazing chart. These tools will help farmers maximise the potential of their land, and navigate the challenges ahead while ensuring they are running a sustainable, productive, and most importantly, profitable operation.

Download the 2024 State of the Farmer Report here for more insights from producers around the globe.

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