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🇺🇸 What is Farm Management Software?

rancher using livestock farm management software

The tech space can be known for having its own dialect with terms and acronyms that can leave you scratching your head if you don’t have a translator. For those newer to the industry, more specifically, engaging the AgTech space, here’s a round-up of terms, acronyms and definitions you may hear to ensure you are ready to tackle your next conversation.

  • Livestock Business Management (LBM) – The singular digital platform that moves our industry forward. An all-in-one digital solution allowing livestock producers to manage their entire operation, including their livestock, land and legacy, in one place.
  • Farm Management Software (FMS) and Livestock Farm Management – A piece of the technology equation in which you may find yourself using multiple technologies to accomplish holistic operation management.
  • Cattle App – Also searched for as cattle management software, cattle management app or cattle software, this technology can help manage seedstock operations, cow-calf operations, stockers, or even through an integrated beef supply chain.
  • Sheep Management Software – Also searched for as a sheep app or sheep management software, this software is designed to help you manage livestock, specifically mobs or flocks of sheep (ewes, dams, wethers, and rams), or even with an individual animal management model.
  • Farm and Ranch Mapping Software – A digital solution allowing you to map your operation’s pastures, fields and property to see forage amounts, growth rates and even minimum feed on offer.
  • Customer Success Team – A team at a SaaS company whose job and focus is dedicated to ensuring the customer is using the product to its fullest potential and accomplishing the goals they’ve set for themselves. 
  • Customer Support – A team working directly with the customer, answering questions, tickets, and working directly with the product engineers and developers to escalate bugs, product fixes and features customers would like to see.
  • Help Center – A compilation of how-to and topic-related articles that walk users through how to accomplish a specific goal or task using the company’s technology. If you’re 
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – A way software is delivered to a customer pays for a subscription and accesses the solution online, rather than downloading it onto multiple computers or technologies. 
  • Subscription – An agreement between a technology or SaaS company allowing the customer to pay a monthly or annual fee and grow with the software as improvements are made. Rather than paying one time and not seeing new features, functionality or benefits, customers have the chance to guide the product’s roadmap and receive a higher return on investment. 
  • License – An agreement between the owner of the technology and the customer who wants to purchase the software for a one-time fee with minimal features and product upgrades as the customer continues to use the product.

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