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🇦🇺 Data transparency and efficiency at Rural Funds Management

Central QLD

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Rural Funds Management

Location Central QLD
Operation type Cattle


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Rural Funds Management (RFM) has developed and operated agricultural assets across Australia. From cropping and cattle to winegrowing and water management, RFM has experience in a range of sectors.

For its livestock operations in Central Queensland, RFM has found an invaluable tool in AgriWebb. 

Alistair Corr, Area Livestock Manager for RFM, says AgriWebb gives farm records a level of precision the business desires. “These operations are businesses and need to be managed as such. We put a lot of trust in the accuracy of the data that is being recorded by our teams,” Alistair says.

Through AgriWebb, staff can update records instantly on a mobile device. “Having all of the data on your phone in your hand at all times is a game-changer. Because AgriWebb is cloud-based, everything syncs when you get home, so all the data is up to date,” he says. “We have enough confidence in our numbers that staff in other locations can look at our data anytime, and we know we are all on the same page. Before having a digital software solution like AgriWebb, this real-time data transparency was impossible.”

AgriWebb also streamlines audits. “We can capture livestock numbers very well, making collection of that data for audits significantly less stressful.”

Efficiency through tech adoption

Alistair says he would “absolutely” recommend AgriWebb to other livestock operations. “Software programs are like vehicles; everyone has their own preferences of how they drive or use it,” he says. “The versatility of the program and the boxes that it ticks make it a useful tool across many different enterprises, and that’s what works well for us.”

He points to the mapping capabilities and task management as features that would be useful to anyone. He also appreciates the increased efficiency as a key value-add. “Being able to input records crush-side, whether it’s weights or treatments, cuts out double handling of information. We find that it’s easily adopted by our staff because it’s giving them real-time data and outcomes to assess.”

The recent launch of the AgriWebb Marketplace, which allows integrations with other agtech providers to be connected within the AgriWebb portal, means producers can now be even more streamlined with their record keeping. RFM uses Cibolabs remote pasture monitoring, Farmbot remote water monitoring, and OptiWeigh.

“These agtech integrations allow our staff to collaborate and share information confidently… because they all use the app in different ways and access different features, and they help each other discover new aspects of the app all the time,” Alistair says. “We have ambitions to increase utilisation of a number of features and are particularly excited to dive into Individual Animal Management because we can look at reports that show individual animal performance and be more confident in the decisions we are making”.

The value of quality support

Alistair has found that overall the team has been open to adopting technology across the farms he oversees. “Managers are the driving force behind this change. However, younger staff have their phone in their hand all the time, so it comes naturally to them,” Alistair explains.

“That buy-in from the team is important. When people are on board with inputting data, it results in meaningful outcomes for the rest of the team and the wider business.”

Alistair is keen to highlight how AgriWebb has helped with the process. “I would love to thank Izzy and the entire AgriWebb team we have worked with to date. Everyone has an in-depth knowledge of the program but also understands the challenges that we face on a farm on a daily basis.

“If people in rural areas don’t feel understood, you’ll lose them. The empathy AgriWebb staff have for us and our industry is something special and honestly quite unique. We had Izzy up to the farm to run training in person, and it was invaluable. The team loved having her there and we’ll definitely be getting her back up as we make the transition to Individual Animal Management.”

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