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Farm Management Reports

Remove the guesswork, and make quick informed decisions with your on-farm data.

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Choose from dozens of ready-to-use, customisable reports, allowing you to get the information you need with minimal effort.

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Paddock Cost of Production

Get insight in to your cost of production per tonne per paddock with this report that combines treatment, cultivation, sowing, and harvest costs.

Livestock Cost of Production

Understand the true cost of your animals by combining the various costs throughout their production-cycle. See costs by totals, per-head, and per-weight.

Paddock Treatment History

See treatment dates, batch numbers and expiry dates right through to weather conditions and associated costs for all spray and fertiliser applications.

Livestock Treatment History

See every livestock drench and vaccination record across your operation, complete with batch numbers, WHP, ESI and dosage rates.

Feed Records

Keep on top of your feeding activities with the feed record report. Assess your feed costs per species and per mob.

Livestock Reconciliation

Determine your real-time stock numbers. Define a time period and group by a range of traits like species, tag, age class and more.

Livestock Gross Margin

Understand your net profit per-head and per weight across your entire operation or against specific mobs, breeds, age classes or management tags.

Livestock Schedule

Speed up your tax-time preparations, with an accountant-ready livestock schedule. Input the closing stock value of the previous year, add your natural increase values, and then generate the report.

Create Views that Work for You

Show and hide columns, sort rows, and define time periods intuitively so you can easily access the insights that matter most to you and your team.


Print your report as a table (best for reports with few columns) or a list (best for reports with many columns).


For ultimate flexibility, download your reports as a CSV to share the information with your auditors, advisors, vets, teammates and more.

27 Ready to Use Reports

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