Grazing Management

Mitigate the risk of over-grazing or under-grazing, and make the most of the land you have.

Auto-Calculate your Grazing Days

With AgriWebb, you can automatically estimate each paddock’s grazing days remaining from your current feed on offer, pasture growth rate,
planned supplemental feeds, and current stocking rate.

Feed on Offer (FOO)

Input your kg DM/ha readings from a sampling method that suits your farm and pasture type.

Pasture Growth Rate

Include a growth rate estimate (kg DM/ha/day) for your pasture type.

Stocking Rate

The stocking rate is calculated based upon your chosen animal unit (DSE, AE or LSU) per hectare or acre of grazeable area.

Drag and Drop Mob Movements

Update the location of your sheep and cattle in real-time by simply dragging the mob marker to their new paddock.


Re-Calculate Feed Availability when you Move your Mobs

Your land and your animals work in concert AgriWebb. To instantly calculate your grazing days remaining, follow 3 easy steps:

  • Indicate your planned supplemental feeding
  • Input the feed on offer and pasture growth rate
  • Modify the target minimum of the destination paddock

… and your instant auto-calculation is done!

“Being able to see grazing history, amount of feed on offer and stocking rates are key to me being able to identify areas that are under or over utilised.”

Michael Cobiac Kingston, South Australia


Modify the Auto-Calculated Paddock Area

Do you have paddocks that don’t contain 100% grazeable land? AgriWebb gives you the power to modify the automatically calculated land size for each paddock on your farm map, supercharging your reports with the most accurate numbers.

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Graze Animals Across Multiple Paddocks

Run your livestock across multiple paddocks and maintain the integrity of your data with gates. With a gate open, the stocking rate is automatically re-calculated based on the total area of the connected paddocks.

Visualise Paddocks in Withholding Periods

Eliminate potential harm to livestock through visual withholding periods on the farm map. After completing a paddock treatment with a withholding period, the treated paddock will automatically turn bright red until the period has elapsed.

Farm Reports

Get the Most out of What you Have

Improve your pasture utilisation by using the on-farm data you collect to easily generate a range of powerful one-click reports.

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DSE Load by Paddock

Provides you with paddock level insight into how many kilograms of dry matter has been consumed per hectare per month.

Paddock Grazing Intensity

Over a defined time frame, understand the percentage of days grazed and days empty per paddock.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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