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Run your farm in high resolution with individual animal management

Connect powerful insights, know which decisions are working hardest for you, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your land and animals.

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Unlock the power of individual animal data and detailed grazing insights, all in one place.

Track everything that matters without having to bounce between platforms.

Break down the barriers between livestock and grazing data to make more holistic business decisions for your ranch.

Save time and close data gaps by connecting your AgriWebb account with your favorite crush-side hardware.

Eliminate guesswork from your decisions

AgriWebb’s Individual Animal Management plan lets you make data-backed, real-time decisions that move your farm forward. Calculate true stocking loads, determine if you’re optimizing your paddock rotations, and easily identify underperforming animals on your farm.

Know for sure:

  • How much forage you have available in any pasture, at any time
  • Which animals yield the most profits, highest quality carcasses, and the least required money and resources invested
  • How variables like fertilizer, cover crops, grazing strategies are affecting your pasture performance.
feed on offer report

Exact feed on offer (FOO)

Leave the guesswork out of your grazing. Know exactly how much forage is available in any paddock, at any time.
feed on offer report

Grazing days remaining

Know for sure your grazing days remaining with auto-calculated inputs like growth, minimum forage you want to leave, and animal units per paddock.
pasture growth rate report

Pasture growth rate

Easily record forage levels in kg DM/ha and a growth rate against each paddock to enhance your grazing days remaining calculation.
stocking rate report

Livestock load by paddock

With insight into livestock load, arable land, days grazed and days empty for specific paddocks, manage grazing more effectively in less time.

Better Insights Mean Better Profits

At the end of the day, what matters most to your business is your ROI. Put more money back into your pocket by knowing which decisions are costing you money, and which are making you money.

Easily identify overperformers

From genetics and vendors, double down on the factors that lead to your best-performing animals

Filter by 40+ animal traits

Combine multiple filters to target the animals you’re interested in. You can even save specific filters to refer to later

Get more green from your grazing

Leverage your land to its greatest potential, based on your operation’s unique goals

Capitalize on the market

Always know which animals are hitting the peak of their market-readiness

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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