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AgriWebb’s mission is backed by some of the world’s most visionary AgTech and sustainability champions.

At iSelect, we believe there is as much, opportunity to fix the existing industry than to create a new one, particularly as the global demand for protein is expected to double by 2050. We believe the global food system will produce protein, calories and nutrition from both animal-derived and animal free products. Seeing animals as a vital part of the food system today and in the future, we believe a significant positive impact can come from using technology to shift livestock production towards improved agronomic practices, more sustainable and ethical production methods, all while improving the nutritional profile of beef products. Livestock management is an important component of regenerative agriculture / soil health and regenerative, pastured beef can have a significantly stronger nutritional profile than conventional beef. We believe AgriWebb can be at the center of that transition as a driving force to digitize and incentivize a better future for livestock production to the benefit of ranchers, processors, CPGs and consumers.

Craig Herron, Managing Principal

iSelect Fund

What’s the beef about beef? Unfortunately, animal agriculture is painted pretty negatively as a greenhouse gas emitter, when the problem isn’t the animal but how the livestock is raised. Certain beneficial grazing practices – such as mob grazing – have been associated with restoration of grasslands, enhanced biodiversity, improved soil health, better water retention, and carbon sequestration. Here is where AgriWebb steps in as a platform to empower ranchers and farmers to experiment on their own properties to see what practices build economic resilience, advances land stewardship, and improves animal health. We are excited to partner with AgriWebb as it is only through data collation that we will arrive at best practices, build resilience and security in our food system, develop rangeland models for carbon offsets, and validate sustainable farming practices for those seeking net zero commitments and improved ecosystem services.

Dr. Ashlie L Burkart, Chief Sustainability Officer

Germin8 Ventures

Agriculture remains one of the least digitized industries and has attracted the formation and funding of a cornucopia of startup tech companies aiming to lead the digital transformation. But adoption has long presented a formidable barrier to most of these companies. However, what the industry poses as challenges in terms of trial and conversion, it rewards success with incredible customer stickiness that pays big in valuable customer engagement, upsell opportunities and prized data estates. The companies whose offerings drive immediate, frictionless and reliable value to farmers, who win the opportunity to be a must-have tool in the farmer’s bench and possibly a category creator. AgriWebb has succeeded with making ranch management, a complex operation with many variables and profit implications, digitally native and interoperable with far greater ease and precision than ever. As a result, the company has enjoyed insatiable demand from ranchers, accumulated rich animal and land data faster than any other AgTech company, and are positioned to be catalytic for widespread regenerative agriculture.

Michael Lavin, Managing Partner

Germin8 Ventures

TELUS is on a mission to help feed the world while improving the quality and safety of our food production. By leveraging technology innovation and human compassion, we believe that we can help improve the sustainability of supply chains all over the world and that together, AgriWebb and TELUS can help to accelerate this evolution in the global beef industry.

Chris Terris, Vice President – Global Strategy & Animal Health


“[At Grosvenor Food & AgTech], we take an innovation-led approach to identifying, investing in and helping to develop product or service-led companies that have the potential to make a material difference in improving the efficiency of food production. We see AgriWebb as a global leader in farm management technology and look forward to working with the AgriWebb team to further our mutual goals of improving livestock production around the world.”

Anthony James, Managing Partner

Grosvenor Food & AgTech

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Germin8 Ventures

Germin8 Ventures is a strategically-oriented venture capital firm investing in disruptive Food & AgTech companies across the value chain. They provide investment and strategic resources to transformative Food & Ag Tech companies addressing major demand trends and improving the global food system through disruptive technologies and solutions.
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iSelect Fund

The iSELECT FUND provides accredited clients of financial advisors with access to a diversified portfolio of promising early-stage private ventures that have been evaluated by an elite committee of accomplished entrepreneurs and venture investors.
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Grosvenor Food & AgTech

Grosvenor Food & AgTech’s purpose is to rethink and re-shape how food is grown, produced, distributed and consumed, partnering with like-minded people to understand the complex interconnectedness of our agricultural ecosystem to manage its effects and enhance human health, our environment and enable producers to thrive.
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TELUS Ventures

TELUS is on a mission to tackle one of the most significant social challenges of our generation; meeting increasing consumption needs while improving the quality, safety and sustainability of our food and consumer goods by leveraging technology innovation and human compassion.
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The Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The CEFC’s mission is to accelerate Australia’s transformation towards a more competitive economy in a carbon constrained world, by acting as a catalyst to increase investment in emissions reduction. They focus on cleaner power solutions and a better built environment, with investments to drive more energy efficient property, vehicles, infrastructure and industry.

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