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Automate grass measurements, improve grazing.

Cibolabs and AgriWebb are now working together to bring automatic grass estimates, Kgs of Dry Matter per Hectare, directly to your AgriWebb map! 

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Automatic grass measurements, every 5 days.

Using Cibolabs world leading technology you can now get grass estimates, for each paddock, delivered directly to your AgriWebb account, every 5 days.

Improved grazing and paddock management.

Cibolabs and AgriWebb put objective, consistent and accurate data in the palm of your hand, empowering you to make the best decisions possible for your farm. 

More than just Food on Offer estimates.

Enable the Cibolabs integration within AgriWebb and get access to Food on Offer estimates as well as the raw imagery and other powerful information Cibolabs has to offer. 

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Try AgriWebb free for 14 days, and experience the power of our Cibolabs integration for yourself. Easily connect your Cibolabs grass measurement data to your AgriWebb account, and manage everything else that matters to your ranch, all in one place. Get in touch by clicking below – we’ll even help you get started.

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