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Optimize your Livestock Performance

Your business is only as successful as the animals you raise. Easily identify under-performers and capitalize on over-performers, compare feed efficiencies, and oversee every single detail that goes into the animals raised on your operation.

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Get More from your Weight Records

Power up profit-driving decisions by comparing average daily gains and projected live weights at a glance.

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  • Record average, minimum, and maximum herd weights


  • Record individual animal weights
  • Visualize and record live weights crush-side through live sessions
  • Bulk-update live weight for multiple animals at once
  • Project animal weights for a specific date with Average Daily Gains
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Track Animal Insights in Real-Time

Organize and compare historical data and current animal insights to make more profitable decisions more confidently. Whether you want insight into high-performing sire genetics or where your best-performing cattle were purchased from, AgriWebb has answers.

  • Select, analyse, interpret, compare individual animal growth and performance
  • Identify under performers and make informed decisions on how to improve their performance to reach sale weight or which animals to cull
  • Organize performance by characteristics, including vendors, sires, dams, breed, age class
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Stay Organized with Management Groups and Enterprises

Organize livestock into the business units that comprise your operation, and easily compare to see which ones are most profitable and which areas have room for improvement.

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Livestock Gross Margin

AgriWebb’s livestock gross margin reports help you understand your full input and output costs to establish your net profit margin for production across the season.

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On-Farm and Lifetime Animal Performance

Gain granular insight into individual cattle and sheep. See average daily gains, weights, management groups, and costs and profits associated with each animal you track.

“As we’ve all experienced in the cattle business, margins can be a bit tight. With AgriWebb, we’ve been able to use insights to compare vendors and genetic lines to ensure we are continuing on with the best pedigrees for maximized feed efficiency and growth, helping build our bottom line.”

Jenny T

Mishima Reserve

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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