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Kickstart Your Success with AgriWebb Starter Packs

Want some extra help? Maximize your new AgriWebb subscription with implementation Starter Packs.

Find Your Perfect Starter Pack

Let our dedicated Success team help you kickstart your setup process with a custom onboarding experience
built around your unique business goals.

Essentials Setup

Starting at:


A small extra boost to kickstart your success.

Get Operational (1 hour)

We’ll help workshop your short and long-term goals with AgriWebb, set up your personalised farm preferences and develop your farm map, while kick-starting your team’s Academy training in parallel. Next, we’ll understand your livestock management strategy and reflect the mob set-up as closely as possible in AgriWebb.

Livestock Reconciliation & Performance (1 hour)

Our key outcome is to ensure you have a solid handle on stock numbers and transactions now and for each month moving forwards.

The details:

  • Map fully set up and operational
  • Livestock assistance
  • Configuration assistance
  • Two live Zoom training sessions
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Professional Setup

Starting at:


Our most popular starter pack! Everything in Essentials Setup plus…

Establish Compliance (1 hour)

Learn how to keep your biosecurity, chemical inventory, and animal and paddock treatments up-to-date, so you are always ready in the event of an audit.

Grazing Management (1 hour)

We’ll explore how updates to animal units and pasture metrics will provide key grazing insights to support management decisions.

The details:

  • All paddocks mapped
  • All livestock added
  • Configuration completed
  • Four live Zoom training sessions
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Corporate Setup

Starting at:


Expanded support for more larger operations.

Custom Training (multiple sessions)

Larger farms with bespoke setup and training requirements can contact our team to understand how we can customize a package that suits you.

The details:

  • Paddocks mapped
  • Livestock added
  • Configuration completed
  • Bespoke training
  • Ten live Zoom training sessions
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Custom Setup

Are you a larger farming operation who needs truly customised setup support? 

Talk to sales

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

  • Fast setup
  • Local support
  • No credit card required
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