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The AgriWebb Story

Built by farmers,

for farmers

(We’re also built by coders. And visionaries. And product experts. And storytellers. And customer success experts who live to help people just like you.)

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Why we’re all here

To empower the livestock industry with the best tools to feed the world sustainably, profitably, and efficiently.

Our vision and our values

The farmer.

You are our hero. You’re also the inspiration for everything we do. The one we create for, solve problems for, fight for, and learn from.

Our people.

We are Farmers. Ranchers. Coders. Six Sigmas. Educators. Listeners. Storytellers. Visionaries. We come from all walks, but we all belong. We all belong because we all believe in the heart of this industry, and the health of our planet.

The future.

A sustainable planet. Enduring legacies. Our industry’s success. We create solutions with a healthy, thriving future in mind.

Truth in data.

We respect data, ours and yours. We trust data to guide us to the right decisions, and you can trust us to always make the right decision by letting you own yours.


We strive to be the heart of our industry’s ecosystem. We use our platform to build community, enable connectivity, and encourage transparency.

The value of hard work.

We don’t just hold ourselves to high standards; we help you track, prove, and command value for yours. Because no industry works harder than ours.

Our founding story

AgriWebb was born out of empathy for just how hard it can be to be a farmer in today’s world. Justin Webb, our original founder, experienced this pain first-hand during a generational shift in the management of “Eddington”, his family’s 150-year-old sheep and cattle farm, in 2014. Eddington, like 90 per cent of sheep and cattle farms across the world, was primarily managed from experience and “trial and error” – pen and paper being the go-to record-keeping tool on the farm. Time-consuming double entry of records and “sifting through paper mountains” to meet compliance standards was the norm, and so was the practice of making critical business decisions based on the best guess available, not the best data-driven insights available.

Justin was clear on the fact that his family wasn’t the only one facing these issues, and he also knew he needed help to solve the problem. Thus entered into the picture an old college buddy he’d met at Oxford in 2012, Kevin Baum. Kevin was studying in the UK after working for five years to help scale early stage renewable energy technologies, and his technical consulting experience, innovative mind, and desire to make the world a better place made him the perfect partner in building what was soon to become AgriWebb.

Kevin took a life-changing risk and flew to the other side of the world to live on-farm at Eddington. He fell in love with the industry, and the trip cemented his desire to work with Justin to improve farmers’ lives while transforming the global sustainability of the livestock industry.

But there was one more piece to the co-founding puzzle before AgriWebb took off, and one more continent of origin to build into the story! John Fargher, a friend and fifth-generation sheep and cattle farmer from Australia, shared Kevin and Justin’s vision for serving the livestock industry with next-level business technology. Like Justin, John brought his farming heritage to the table, his family farm being a 400,000-acre sheep and cattle station in the Northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

When the hunt for an amazingly talented engineering mind commenced in 2015, the founders brought on Phil Chan to lead the development team as CTO. Phil’s first start-up put internet on planes, and in his long successful career at IBM he built products used by over a billion people globally.

AgriWebb may have been born in this moment, but our team is always evolving its impact on the profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of the global livestock industry with every innovator who has since joined the mission. With over 60 global teammates now working together to solve the biggest challenges facing the farmers and ranchers responsible for delivering quality protein to more than 7 billion global citizens, we believe our story will always be changing and growing.

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