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Our UK customer team is here to help, whatever your AgriWebb needs.

AgriWebb may be all about digital livestock management, but we also know that human conversation is another key ingredient to your success. Find out below about our customer team in the UK.

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Meet Emma Buckby

Based in: Scottish Borders


South Region

Emma Buckby

What is your Farming background/bio?

I am based on an upland sheep (Scottish Blackfaced, Mules and Swaledales) and cattle (Angus and Hereford X) farm in the Borders.

What aspect of farming interests you?

Really interested in the link between animal welfare, productivity and sustainability.

What’s a random/fun fact about you?

I used to travel so much with a previous job on ‘special projects’ people assumed I was a spy (I’m not). / I was once asked to leave a country after upsetting some academics and politicians.

The best thing about helping AgriWebb customers…

It is always so interesting to learn about how other farmers operate and there are so many great ideas out there. Hearing about farmers’ journey to digitise their farm to be more productive and efficient is also really helpful so we can learn how to better support our farmer clients.

Ask me about:

The collies and huntaways we breed

Let’s connect

Where you can connect with us?

Whether you’re a new AgriWebb customer, or you simply want to optimise your AgriWebb expertise, we’re always here to help you. We have all implemented AgriWebb on our farms at home, so we understand first-hand the challenges and the opportunities that come with implementing a new system.

  • Talk to us at local agricultural conferences and shows
  • Join us for informative webinars and friendly community pub nights
  • Get the latest product update and tips from us in our monthly customer video updates
  • On farm so we can really understand your business and help you succeed.

We’ll also help you voice your product ideas and opinions to AgriWebb’s global product development team.

We are always happy to hear from you.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

  • Fast setup
  • Local support
  • No credit card required
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