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Move your sheep operations forward with record keeping, animal insights, compliance tools and more.

It’s easy to move your wool or lambing business forward with AgriWebb. Instantly understand your investments, track all of the animal details that matter, and make cross-compliance a snap, all with a few simple clicks.

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“Reporting was a nightmare. And then one of our Sydney shareholders suggested AgriWebb. l thought, ‘Beautiful, this is exactly what we want.”

Malcolm Brady, Manager

Burrawang West Station – Ootha, NSW, AU

“I’m using AgriWebb whenever I’m on the farm. Whether I’m working out dosage rates, working out feed rations, or keeping movement records, it saves me so much time.”

James Smith, Tenant Farmer

Abermangoed Farm – Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

“[AgriWebb is] intuitive, practical, and powerful. It clearly has been developed by those familiar with farming and ranching. How refreshing.”

Victoria Avery, Owner

Atherton Farms – Portland, Oregon, USA

Accelerate your sheep operations

Optimise animal performance

Identify under-performers and over-performers, compare grazing efficiencies, and oversee each detail of the animals you raise.

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Know your true cost of production

Ever wonder which vendors raise your best animals? Or what your underperformers have in common? Finally understand your true investment into each animal and how it’s paying off.

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Innovate your grazing strategy

From set stocking to rotational grazing, you probably use a number of grazing strategies throughout the year. Grazing insights do the hard yards so you can achieve the outcomes you want without wasting time.

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Put sheep record keeping on autopilot with live sessions

Manage your animals as individuals, connect to EID readers, weight scales and make informed animal performance decisions.
Watch how valuable insights are created with EID hardware integrations.

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report from farm and livestock management software

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Useful reports for sheep management

Livestock cost of production

Understand your input costs associated with each sheep to reduce inputs and accelerate outputs in real time.

Livestock gross margin

Understand your net profit margin for production across the season with just one click.

Livestock Reconciliation

Running a mixed operation? Track movements, management groups, offspring and more with one click.

No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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