Ensure the sustainability of your land and your future.

Your land is your biggest asset. From grazing innovation to succession planning, protect your land and legacy for generations to come.

Things like traceability and sustainability are becoming more important, and you can’t be left behind. One reason AgriWebb is so appealing is that I can see the investment going into it. As we move forward with our practices, you guys are already a step ahead.

David Paton, Owner

Mitta Agricultural Company – Mitta Valley, VIC, AU

“Our plans for the future are pretty much to be sustainable economically and physically. We basically want to utilise the country that we own one hundred percent, and to make sure that it’s sustainable forever.”

Emma and Adrian Brown, Owners

Amungee Mungee, Walhallow and Cresswell Downs – Northern Territory, AU

“It’s important for me to not only be able to develop a comprehensive grazing plan, but to also share it with other producers interested in our goals. Having all of my pasture records and data in one place with AgriWebb will make it easier to share that information.”

Beatty Canyon Ranch – Kim, Colorado, U.S.A.

“AgriWebb plays a key role in capturing data for our farmers to understand what their carbon footprint is and how they can implement husbandry measures to reduce that.”

Rebekah Price, Agriculture Manager

ABP Food Group, UK

“If you want your operation to be sustainable and be around for your children, you always need to be looking for something that’s going to make you more efficient. The efficiencies that we’re going to gain from AgriWebb should really help our operation considerably.”

Bob McCan, Owner & Manager

McFaddin Enterprises – Victoria, Texas , USA

Level Up your Sustainable Grazing Strategy

See how your grazing strategies and decisions regarding fertiliser, cover crops, and more affect your paddock performance – all in real time. Plus, AgriWebb makes it easy to measure everything that matters without juggling multiple spreadsheets and tools.

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Grazing Days Remaining

Know for sure your grazing days remaining with auto-calculated inputs like growth, minimum forage you want to leave, and animal units per paddock.

Feed on Offer

Leave the guesswork out of your grazing. Know exactly how much forage is available in any paddock, at any time

Pasture Growth Rate

Easily record forage levels in kg DM/ha and a growth rate against each paddock to enhance your grazing days remaining calculation.

Stocking Rates

Get the most out of every animal and kg of forage in every paddock. With the click of a button, know exactly how much land you’re allotting to each animal during the grazing season.

Grazing Intensity

Know just how intensely you’re grazing your paddocks. With data showcasing livestock load, arable land, days grazed and days empty for specific pastures, you can manage grazing more effectively in less time.

Exact DSE Calculations

Generate exact AU/DSE calculations, your way and in real-time. You can calculate via Age Class using industry averages, Projected Animal Body Weight, or Feed Consumption based on percent of body weight.

Ensure a Sustainable Legacy for Generations to Come

Every farmer wants to know that their land and legacy will outlive them. AgriWebb gives you the keys to a confident transition from your generation to the next, and every generation that comes after.

  • Create one single source of truth for records, animal histories, and more
  • Build an airtight, accessible history of every on-farm decision you make – and why you made it
Learn How it Works

Prove your Role in a More Sustainable Future

The future of paid ecosystem services is coming fast. Whether you want to explore carbon credits, biodiversity payments, or other natural resource markets, there’s no time like the present to begin preparing for the future. AgriWebb helps you track the metrics that matter for a successful entry into most environmental services programs.

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