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farm management app

Cloud-based, always in sync

Available on iOS and Android, the AgriWebb mobile app allows for on the go, offline data entry. With one touch sync, your data is made available in the web app for reporting and further analysis.

“All that information is just on the phone, and the map is there, so it’s very simple for anyone to understand.”

Sulwyn Jenkins | Farm Manager – Ffosyficer Farm


Consolidated sheep and cattle records, instant reports

See a clear picture of your farming operation with all your sheep, cattle and field records in one place. Unlock valuable insights, understand inefficiencies, and make informed decisions in real-time with your data.

Farm mapping


Do-it-yourself farm map builder

No need for additional farm mapping programs or expensive surveyors. The farm map builder makes it easy to create a digital version of your farm in a matter of minutes.

Farm success

Support to help you succeed

Our Farm Success team are obsessed with understanding your operation and how you can use AgriWebb to improve it.

Huw Llandre

“With AgriWebb I get a full picture of my farm. I can easily take care of everything, from sheep and cattle to field and medicine records.”

Huw Davies Llandre

Farm Owner – Carmarthenshire, Wales