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🌐 AgriWebb and Gallagher working together to increase productivity

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From its inception, AgriWebb was driven by a desire to simplify and streamline record keeping for farmers so that they could be empowered to make better management decisions for their operation.

AgriWebb’s latest feature release, Individual Animal Management, is offering farmers a new level of insight to improve operations. You’re able to delve deeper into animal data with interactive graphs in order to identify trends and make the best management decisions on an individual basis.

You can work out the best time to sell with predictive weight modelling and understand your over, or under-performers, with visualised predicted daily gains. The insights track right through to animal’s sale and purchase information, including carcass data, to work out weight gain performance and associated costs.

Of course, the more data you put into your AgriWebb profile, the more valuable the insights. This is where our partnership with Gallagher is paying dividends.

Gallagher has over 80 years of experience in the farming industry and a reputation for groundbreaking innovations in animal management. Their weighing systems, paired with their EID solutions, make accurate data collection simple.

“The equipment we have these days reads quickly and efficiently, and it automatically matches that weight to an animal ID – an electronic number or a visual id number,” says Gallagher Business Development Manager, Michael Hemsley. “We have improved accuracy by taking out human error – we’re not writing things down, we’re not shouting across yards.”

AgriWebb partnership with Gallagher means animal weights recorded through Gallagher hardware can be shared instantly with your AgriWebb farm management software.

You have access to the lifetime history of the animal in the handler, and reduced time collecting new welfare and performance records during a live session. It lowers labour costs and removes double entry of data. You can get your livestock back to feed faster and gain actionable insights crush-side. It all adds up to a more efficient, more productive operation.

Gallagher is one of the most trusted names in Agriculture. It’s great that we can pair with them to deliver solutions to farmers. To see how AgriWebb’s partnership with Gallagher can help your operation thrive, sign up for a free trial today.

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