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🇦🇺 Five Things Aussie Producers are Most Concerned About in 2023

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To produce this year’s State of the Global Farmer report, we surveyed farmers and ranchers across three continents, including more than 500 Australian producers.

The report provides an overview of the industry today and what producers are prioritising and preparing for in the future. Below are the top 5 concerns that were raised by Australian farmers.

1. Big Questions Around Carbon Markets

There has been a significant decrease in the prioritisation of carbon markets and carbon sequestration across all regions. In AU specifically 46% of respondents outlined they are waiting to see how the wider carbon conversation develops before getting involved, viewing the lack of maturity and credibility around the existing scheme as a deterrent. Others have decided to forge their own path, improving sustainability and adopting regenerative practices within the farmgate, regardless of outside schemes.

2. Biosecurity

Australia’s strong biosecurity regulations are recognised worldwide. Still, the security of our island fortress has been tested over the last year. The emergence of varroa mite in NSW and the spread of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia have been stark reminders of the risks our agricultural industry faces.

The rapid spread of FMD in Indonesia, reaching Bali in June 2022, led to the implementation of heightened alert and screening activities at the Australian border by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. Despite those efforts, more than 72% of Aussie farmers still consider biosecurity a significant concern – which is only wise given the devastation a local outbreak could cause.

3. Rising Input Costs

The pandemic is in the rearview mirror for most, but rising costs caused by the covid crisis remain a challenge for farmers. The war in Ukraine continues to put pressure on fertiliser and fuel supplies, and labour costs remain high.

These factors see more than 46% of respondents listing rising input costs as their top concern. Many farmers are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency in their operations, with adoption of agtech being seen as critical to continued profitability.

4. Farmers want Government Support

There is a feeling amongst farmers that, following a year of major economic and environmental challenges, the government needs to step up and deliver for people working the land. 43% of Australian farmers surveyed feel very unsupported or somewhat unsupported by their government, indicating more needs to be done in Canberra and our state parliaments to ensure the continued growth and success for the agricultural sector.

5. Farmers Need Tech to Drive their Industry Forward

Aussies are the most tech savvy producers we surveyed, adopting tech at a higher rate than American ranchers and British farmers in areas such as record keeping, grazing management and water monitoring. This trend looks likely to continue, with more than 57% of AU respondents saying that tech will be very important for the success of their farms in the future. 

Discover for yourself what hundreds of global producers have to say about the future of the livestock industry when you download the 2023 State of the Global Farmer report. AgriWebb has compiled all the top insights on livestock producer priorities, preferences, and predictions for the industry’s future as we head into 2023.

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