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🌐 The AgriWebb Marketplace: Own Your Farm’s Data with Management Software

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“That’s why we built the AgriWebb Marketplace: a trusted solution that helps you facilitate data sharing while still leaving you, the farmer or rancher, in control of your data.”

David Horne Chief Engineering Officer

A fundamental principle we hold at AgriWebb is that our farmers (and ranchers) always own their data. We’re just the custodian of the farm data you enter into our platform. AgriWebb can’t share that data with anyone else, and you, the farmer, can choose to delete your data at any time.

AgriWebb was founded by farmers and we hold true to our value of living for the farmer in all we do. Our mission is to improve our customers’ businesses, but holding firm on our promise that you always owns their data helps us out, too! Here’s why:

When any farmer records data on our platform, they’re implicitly giving us their trust and confidence. It would be short-sighted for us to throw that value away, simply to achieve short-sighted gains by sharing or selling that data. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of cases where farmers’ data has been shared or sold. This often happens without their knowledge, and to their detriment. Moves are being made to address this, such as the Australian National Farmers Federation‘s recent work on their farm data code.

That said, data held in an isolated silo runs the risk of becoming a data graveyard. Responsibly combining data sources while still prioritizing privacy can exponentially multiply the value of a single data point. If you’ve invested in water sensors like RanchSense, Farmbot, Ranchbot, or Farmo, or a CiboLabs grass monitoring subscription, you’re likely going to want to utilise that data as much as you can to increase your return on investment. 

That’s why we built the AgriWebb Marketplace: a living and breathing agtech ecosystem that helps you turn your AgriWebb account into a trusted livestock management “mission control.” Here, you can connect all the farm data that matters most while still having peace of mind that you’re in control of your data. How do we do this? We provide an easy framework that puts you and other farmers just like you in control. Farmers get to choose which data is shared, with whom. In a practical sense, it looks like this:

You hold the keys to allowing the right people to share your data, and to controlling the data they’ll be able to access.

More importantly, you can also revoke access to the data at any time! It looks as simple as this:

What’s in it for me?

This is the flow you can expect when connecting your partner accounts through the AgriWebb Marketplace. If you’re a customer and haven’t explored the Marketplace yet, the time is now! If you’re not a customer yet but the idea of being able to access all of the farm data that matters most, all from one place, is appealing, then talk to us today. 

As the Chief Engineering Officer here at AgriWebb, I truly look forward to making more and more integrations available to our customers every day.  My team’s and my commitment will always be to help farmers like you to the most out your data, while still empowering you to retain control and ownership over it. More importantly, I hope I’ve given you a clearer understanding of what owning your data looks like when it goes beyond words and is enshrined in code you can trust.

How to Get Started with the AgriWebb Marketplace

Whether you’re looking to pull information from your favorite grass or water monitoring sensors into AgriWebb, connect with leaders in carbon and sustainability or find the next value added program that fits your business we’ve got you covered. 

See below for just a few of our exciting new water and grass monitoring integrations, and check out the AgriWebb Marketplace to explore all our partners today.

Australian Water and Grass Integrations

American Water and Grass Integrations

Not yet an AgriWeb customer? For more information on AgriWebb and the Marketplace visit here.

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