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🌐 Top AgTech Trends Series: Team and Task Management

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Our 2023 State of the Global Farmer Report uncovers insights from over 850 farmers and ranchers worldwide. One of the most fascinating insights we found? Today’s livestock producers are embracing agtech to operate more productively and profitably than ever before. Each week in our “Top AgTech Trends” series, we’ll cover a top use case from the report. We’ll discuss the difference agtech innovations are making, and how you can implement them on your own farm or ranch.

First up in the series is a deep dive into team and task management tools. If you’re ready to learn more about the fastest-growing reported agtech use case since our 2022 survey, then read on! We’ve even included quotes from our own AgriWebb customer community that illustrate just how game-changing team productivity apps can be.

Manage Tasks in Real-Time

“My staff on the ground are able to enter data and keep up-to-date whilst in the field.”

Does your team’s to-do list live in a frustratingly convoluted text or whatsapp chat? Ever wait too long to discuss to-do’s because half the team is working on the other side of the property? Or maybe you know the feeling of forgetting exactly where you saw that empty water tank. There’s a reason why real-time task management is so game-changing when it comes to livestock management. Collaboration-friendly software tools can help teams of all sizes communicate and share important information more easily and efficiently, regardless of where they are. In 2023 alone, in fact, more than 3,700 broken fences were fixed using AgriWebb’s GPS-enabled task management features!

When evaluating software solutions that can help your team get the job done, look for features like task management, note taking, messaging, and notifications. These features help ensure everyone is on the same page, and that important information can be shared quickly and efficiently. And don’t forget, find a solution that works offline! This way, you can track tasks, notes, and more, no matter where you are. It’s the small things that sometimes count the most.

Get the Upper Hand on Team Planning and Scheduling

“[AgriWebb] is like a stock management and workflow planner. Great when communicating with Advisors, Farm Managers and staff working on the farm.”

The right agtech solutions can also help you and your team create more accurate plans and schedules. For instance, crop monitoring systems can help determine the optimal time for planting, harvesting, and spraying. You can share this info with the whole team so everyone knows what’s coming up next and who’s involved. By providing timely alerts and notifications, many productivity tools can help you get tasks done on time, without delays.

AgriWebb’s calendar feature can even help your team track tasks, farm notes, animal records, and even rainfall!

task management and calendar

Make Collaboration Easier

“[AgriWebb] centralises record keeping for the day-to-day management of my mixed farming business with 10 staff over three locations.”

Oftentimes, key players involved in the success of your farm or ranch don’t actually work full-time on your farm or ranch. Or perhaps you manage seasonal staff or even a larger team across multiple locations. In either of these cases, keeping your distributed staff, vets, advisors, and of course even auditors in the loop can be tricky. 

Mobile-based team productivity apps can alleviate this issue by easily allowing staff to communicate, share data, and provide updates on important tasks. This can be particularly useful for larger farms and ranches where team members operate across a large area. By seamlessly enabling remote communication, agtech solutions like these can improve productivity and even significantly reduce travel costs and time. Look for livestock management software that doesn’t charge extra to give access to additional team members. You shouldn’t have to pay more to help the whole team be more productive – that’s why AgriWebb always offers unlimited users!

Streamline Documentation

“For me the [best benefit is] the fact that the boss and the office can get on and check cattle numbers and what’s happening on-farm on a daily basis without me having to run back to my office, fire up the computer, and give them the info they want.

No matter what your role is on the farm or ranch, we’d wager that the quote above hits home. One of the best parts of using collaboration-friendly agtech tools is the sheer amount of time and effort that you can save when it comes to getting the info you need, when you need it. 

When everyone uses the same tool to enter records, share notes, and manage tasks, you always know where you need to go to access data you need to succeed. This not only saves time, but ensures that you never lose or forget important info. Forget sifting through mishmashes of notes saved in some obscure file folder or stored in the back of someone’s head. 

AgriWebb task management

Help the Whole Team Make Better Decisions

“Before AgriWebb, we made decisions because they ‘seemed about right.’ We’ve seen remarkable benefits using AgriWebb to force us to be more organized and data minded about every metric that goes into livestock production. With an exceptional drought on our doorstep this summer, we feel more prepared to make decisions to enact a mitigation plan.”

At the end of the day, a more productive team adds up to a more productive business. Collaboration-focused agtech solutions can also give every stakeholder faster access to insights that can directly improve your bottom line. When all the data that matters to your business is visible to everyone, the whole team can work together to identify issues, propose solutions, and make decisions based on hard evidence.

At AgriWebb, we’ve heard countless stories from our own customers about the game-changing benefits of unlocking team-focused productivity features that help everyone work better, faster, and smarter. If you’re ready to see for yourself the difference that industry-leading team and task management features can make when thinking about the best livestock management software for your operation, try AgriWebb out for free today. Or better yet, get in touch! We’re always here to help you get more out of your business.

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