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🇦🇺 Tree planting and staff training on farm at Crookwell

staff planting trees

In late 2021, we launched the AgriWebb Climate Council with a goal of bringing attention and action to climate change within our company and industry. Our vision is to educate our own team on living sustainably; reduce our company carbon footprint; and to actively engage solutions for our farmers. Since then, the climate council has been working tirelessly to fulfill this vision.

As a part of this mission, on the 26th and 27th of May, fifteen members of our Australian team headed down to Rugby NSW to visit AgriWebb customer and customer success team member Jodi Davis’ farm. On the first day, we challenged ourselves to plant as many trees as we could, with the aim of protecting the farm’s gullies and promoting biodiversity. On day two, we ran through staff training in the cattle yards for hands-on experience.

On the first day, the team set off in several groups armed with shovels, tools and saplings down two tracks along a gully, planting trees every twenty or so meters. By periodically planting these mixed species of Red Gum, Yellowbox and Applebox, we will increase soil moisture retention and have ensured protection against erosion. All materials were locally sourced, including trees from Cowra, and stakes and guards from Crookwell. With some healthy competitive spirit, we planted more than 250 trees over several kilometers!

On day two, the team joined Jodi and her husband Dougal in the yards just down the road from Booroowa at ‘Hazeldene’. We ran a group of cows through the crush for worm treatment and weighing, using AgriWebb’s Individual Animal Management system. Here we dealt first hand with configuration and set up and talked in-depth about how customers utilise Live Sessions and integrated hardware for data entry. We then toured the property while chatting with Jodi and Dougal about the specifics of their operation and how they implement AgriWebb.

There’s nothing like getting on a farm and in front of customers so we would like to thank Jodi for hosting the team for two days of fresh air, tree planting and on-farm education!

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