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🇦🇺 Unpacking the 2023 Feature Fest updates

We’ve looked through all your top requests and we wanted to send you an early Christmas present, by delivering a whole lot of small but mighty product updates before the end of a big 2023!

Map Updates

📏 Measurement tool on the mobile app

The much requested measurement tool is now available on the mobile app! You can measure distances in real-time out in the paddock.

🏠 Search for adding landmarks

Simple search to make it easier to find the landmark you are looking to add!

📍 New landmarks

You now have 10 new landmarks available to add to your map, including; hazards, first aid, generators, roads, pumps and taps.

👁 Dynamic map insights

Map insights are now dynamic based on your farm data. This will give you better colour differentiation between your paddocks even if your variation is small!

Individual Management & Live Session Updates

🐮 Individual animal history filter

Filter individual animal history on the web or mobile app!

↕️ Sort by scan order during a live session

When viewing scanned animals during a live session you will now see them in the order they came through the crush.

⚖️ Live session weight summary by draft

Now see live session weight summaries broken down by draft at the end of the session.

Reporting Updates

💰Paddock gross margin report

Understand your paddock gross margin with cost breakdown and harvest income all in one place.

🔄 Reorder columns on reports

Reorder columns across all your reports as it suits you, to better compare and analyse your data in AgriWebb.

📝 Individual animal note report

View all your individual animal notes in one place in this new report!

📅 Date range across farms

The date range selected on a report will now apply across all your farms when viewing that report.

Plus, the date range will save in the URL so you can share it with your teammates!

Has this update sparked some feature ideas in your mind? Did you know you can submit feature ideas via the Ideas Portal at any time? Our team check the Ideas Portal daily and use it to guide our product roadmap. Happy AgriWebb’ing!

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