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🌐 We Grew Our Series B Investment! Here’s What It Means For You

the agriwebb team

“Livestock producers deserve better tech to help them maximize their business and continue providing local and global communities with quality red meat. We know it, and our investors do. AgriWebb has always been about serving the farmer, and this round of funding doesn’t change this value; it simply magnifies it.” – Justin Webb, AgriWebb Co-Founder & Executive Chairman.”

Justin Webb Co-Founder, and Executive Chairman of AgriWebb

We’re pretty excited to announce that we’ve secured an additional AU$10 million (US $6.7 million, £6 million) in our series B funding round, bringing our total Series B to AU$40M (US $27 million, £23.7 million). We’re equally excited to welcome two new top tier investors, Germin8 Ventures and iSelect Fund, who care as much as we do about supporting agtech innovations that can measurably address critical global issues like food security and sustainability. These two new partners are in amazing company with Grosvenor Food & AgTech, Telus, The Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and other UHNWs who have already helped us get to where we are today.

We’re also quite proud of the fact that this raise defied some of the toughest investor market conditions we’ve all seen in recent history – and that we defied them because we, our investors, and you, our global farming and ranching community, know that what we’re doing will make a positive impact on the future of our industry.

Where Our Sights Are Set

Our vision of helping our industry feed the world more efficiently, more profitably, and more sustainability hasn’t changed. But we are using this funding opportunity to get clearer about what our mission is, and what separates us from the rest of the “farm app” pack.

There’s record keeping, and then there’s running a data-driven business. AgriWebb isn’t aiming to just be the #1 record keeping tool out there, but the #1 Livestock Business Management tool out there – that one solution that helps every producer on the planet harness the on-farm insights they need to thrive. Simple, comprehensive record keeping will always be part of this mission. But in a time when costs are rising and margins are tighter, environmental influences are less predictable and often more challenging, and the global food security conversation is happening everywhere, it’s more important than ever to have reliable access to insights that gives us the confidence to move forward. 

Our core value of living for the farmer is as strong as ever, and everything we do is done with you in mind. It’s why we’re writing this blog instead of just relying on the press release sent out to the media to enjoy! So let’s dive into what you, our producer community, can expect with this most recent round of funding. We’ve even included videos for three of our key team leaders driving these changes forward, so you can hear straight from the source how we’re leveraging our funding to make life even better for every customer we serve.

We’re putting even more into building the product YOU want.

We’re building new features that make it easier to raise more productive animals, and to make your whole team faster and more efficient while doing it. You can expect better access to insights (for mob and individual users), more powerful and intuitive farm reporting, and new grazing features that will put AgriWebb into a class of its own.

There’s no other solution in the world that combines grazing and animal insights like we do, and we’re prepared to make our grazing offerings better than ever in the upcoming months. And of course, you can prepare to get excited for the launch of the AgriWebb Partner Marketplace by the end of 2022.

screenshot from series b announcement

We’re doubling down on our sustainability commitment

When it comes to understanding the role that the livestock industry plays in the global climate conversation, we believe it’s critical for producers to have the chance to tell their stories and be compensated for good land stewardship. Most of the general public doesn’t know that the majority of livestock producers have already been implementing “regenerative” ag practices for years before it ever became a buzzword.

This is why we’re leveraging this funding round to expand our offering of tools and features that help you track and share your data easily, and make decisions that can improve not just your land stewardship but your pasture productivity and profits, too. 

AgriWebb wasn’t just built to help today’s generation of livestock producers succeed, but also to help the next generation take over management with key operational data right at their fingertips. We want to make sure you always have the right tools in place to command greater profits through your land stewardship practices and for the quality red meat you’re dedicated to responsibly raising.

screenshot from agriwebb webinar

We’re expanding our partner ecosystem

We all know there’s been incredible expansion of tools and services on offer to livestock producers in the last few years. We also all know that, like any business owner, livestock producers don’t want to have to use more tech tools than necessary to operate at peak performance. That’s where the AgriWebb Marketplace comes in. By partnering with some of the most innovative players in the farm management space, we’re making it easier than ever to connect, collate, and communicate the data and insights that mean the most to your success. 

This includes exciting upcoming partnerships with market leaders like Cibo Labs, Farmbot, ruumi, RanchSense, Farmo and more, and all of these integrations will soon be made available in the new AgriWebb Partner Marketplace launching in late 2022. Whether you’re feeding remote sensing data into AgriWebb or pulling sustainability data out of AgriWebb we want to bring the best that AgTech has to offer to our 16,000+ farmers and ranchers.

As the industry continues to evolve, we shouldn’t look to change the mindset of a farmer or rancher. It’s already where it should be; focused on improving the land for the next generation. Instead, the focus should move towards the tools and technology being developed to support you. It’s imperative that holistic tools are being created to equip you to do your job better, faster and easier.

screenshot from webinar

It takes a village

AgriWebb Leadership Expansion

Since our initial series B investment, we’ve welcomed several new teammates and created several new roles to help us level up our impact on the industry. We’re proud to introduce you to the women and men who have recently stepped up and join in to help us help producers like you reach new levels of profitable, productive, and sustainable success.

Christie Lockyer, Chief People Officer – A senior people and culture executive with extensive experience across a variety of industries, most recently with global action sports company Boardriders.

Carter Davidson, President of Global Sales  – A startup sales pro with global perspectives and more than two decades of team leadership experience.

Nicole Buckley Biggs, Director of Sustainability – An environmental scientist and affiliated scholar at Stanford University with expertise in cross-sector environmental action, food security, and grazing lands management. 

Tom Ward, VP of Data – A data executive with cross-industry experience building analytics and engineering teams to find and extract value from data assets.

Campbell Mauchan, VP of Partnerships – An AgTech veteran who has worked with farmers and ranchers across three continents, and focuses on go to market and new venture strategy and execution.

Liz Moore, VP of Global Marketing – A career marketer who has worked with major global action sports and CPG brands as well as bringing new SaaS products to market in the HealthTech and JobTech sectors.

AgriWebb Investor Expansion

We’re also proud of the investor partners who share our vision and who have helped us get to this most recent milestone. See our new Investors Page and learn more about the teams who are helping us take the global livestock producer community to new heights.

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