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AgriWebb connects your farm with the best in AgTech.

Monitor water, measure grass, weigh stock and connect with leaders in livestock, all from your AgriWebb account. 

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The AgriWebb Marketplace

We partner with your favourite hardware and software tools, ensuring you get the most out of your farm with AgriWebb.

All your data, all in one place

Forget multiple logins and data platforms, you can now connect your existing tools or find new ones to help you improve farm management.

Measure less, manage more

Uncover deeper, more actionable insights by automating the collection of data points that matter most to your business.

Make collaboration even easier

A better way to access all of your favourite tools and discover new ones that will help you and your team achieve farm goals.

Water management

Visualise your remote water monitoring sensors right from your AgriWebb map and see an up to date picture of your farm/ranch.

Grass management

Kg’s of Dry Matter per Hectare delivered. Dig into the numbers or open your farm map for a quick visual reference. 

Animal tracking, weights & EID

Say good bye to data double entry. AgriWebb makes crush-side management easy by integrating with all of your favourite EID and stick reader hardware.

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Meet all our global partners in the AgriWebb marketplace

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We believe that in the livestock industry, what’s done better is done together. We’re helping more 300 global livestock producers per month move their business forward by thinking beyond the fence, and if you’re ready to join in our mission, we want to connect! Get in touch today to team up in helping our industry feed the world more efficiently, more profitably, and more sustainably.

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No matter how you define success, we’ll help you get there.

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