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Future-proof your livestock supply chain

Complete traceability. Real-time insight. Reliable data, from farm to shelf. AgriWebb Connect helps you collaborate with your whole supply chain so you can grow your business more confidently and more profitably.

  • Optimise costs throughout the supply chain
  • Enhance supplier performance and communication
  • Improve animal performance and your number of in-spec animals
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Livestock Supply Chain Management that works for everyone.

Worried about getting your suppliers to buy in? Don’t be. Over 12,000 producers worldwide already trust AgriWebb to move their farms forward, and you can trust us to handle setup and onboarding for you.

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Livestock Producers

When your producers win, you win. Recruit and retain the best producers with industry-leading technology that moves their whole farm forward.

100% supported setup

Don’t go it alone. We provide all the personalized guidance suppliers need to get onboarded, educated, and connected to our global community of 12,000+ producers.

End-to-end farm management

When your suppliers win, you win. AgriWebb unlocks detailed animal and grazing insights that help suppliers optimize performance, improve efficiency, and increase profits.

Seamless data capture, seamless transfers

Leave no data point untracked. Make it easy to capture and share reliable data, deliver airtight audit reports, and build traceable animal movement throughout the entire supply chain.

Better communication, for better performance

Communication is key. AgriWebb’s real-time data insights make it easy to share carcase feedback, KPI performance, and more with producers.

Supply Chain Managers

Capture more reliable farm data in a fraction of the time, and save farm visits for conversations that actually matter.

Track everything that matters

From compliance and performance to provenance and sustainability, capture today’s data so you can tell tomorrow’s story.

Share data faster and smarter

Eliminate data lags, gaps, and inaccuracies by streamlining data collection into one system of record.

Connect everyone in the value chain

Easily share animal performance data up and down your value chain

Improve efficiency at every stage

Move animals through supply chain stages more efficiently, and effect quantifiable savings in doing so

Business Leader

Help your teams unlock the whole picture so you can make smarter, faster, more profitable decisions.

Increase profitability

Increase in-spec animals with conception-to-carcass data insight, all in real-time.

Improve performance

Visualize cross-farm KPIs to unlock opportunities and prevent costly issues.

Forecast more confidently

Use predictive insights to deliver the right supply at the exact right time up to two years.

Retailers and Consumers

The demand for claims-based meat continues to rise. Prove out your promises with a data-backed, differentiated product story that retailers can rely on and consumers can trust.


Provide traceable insight into animal welfare practices with full animal lifetime histories.


Prove out sustainability goals with transparent grazing, treatment usage, and regenerative insights.


Stand out to retailers and consumers who believe in the value of for quality red meat.

“We saw the benefits of implementing AW almost instantly. As soon as we started to use it, {we could see} even simple things like live weight gains and how the cattle were doing in the group and on an individual basis. We didn’t get down to that level of detail beforehand.”

Jonathan Dyke

Farm Manager & Blade Finisher

“We’ve seen the benefits of AgriWebb virtually straightaway – we know food consumption and how much calves should be consuming on a daily basis so if they’re way off the mark… we can start acting on that instantly.”

George Breakwell

Tenant Farmer & Blade Rearer

“Having AgriWebb on-farm helps {our farmers} to understand their farming business on a day to day basis but also from a bigger picture, it will helps them plan, helps them get a full view, and [helps them] make strategic decisions about their business.”

Rebekah Price

Agriculture Manager, ABP

“Having so many producers using AgriWebb means the information is easily recorded, standardised and reported. It saves time and makes everyone’s life easier when we are looking at insights, not only for the development of the breed, but for the direction of the business.”

Seth Wareing

The Stabiliser Cattle Company

“We saw an 8% increase in dead weight carcass weight after using AgriWebb and being able to see that information. We changed the abattoir that we use for that client because we were informed enough to know that they were decreasing our killout percentage. The result was improved killout by 1.5%”

James Doel

Anglia Quality Meat Association

“A year ago we never would have had this level of visibility….It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come from to where we are today”

Richard Phelps

Managing Director, ABP Blade

Trusted by the world’s top livestock supply chain innovators

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AgriWebb Connect for ancillary supply chain solutions

If you play a unique role in the livestock supply chain story, we’ve still got you covered. Agriwebb Connect powers some of the world’s leading ancillary players in verticals including genetics, finance, direct-to-consumer, and more. Interested? Then let’s talk!

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