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Better decisions today mean greater profits tomorrow.

Improving your margins shouldn’t feel impossible. With AgriWebb, it’s easy to understand how every on-farm decision impacts your bottom line.


“Individual Animal Management is an absolute game-changer. There’s been a lot of guesswork in selecting the best pastures for weight gain, so this enables us to be more confident with forward marketing decisions, rather than hoping cattle are still on track.”

mcgeoch agriwebb

Phil McGeoch, Owner

Mack Farms – Wallendbeen, NSW, AU

“Passing audits and remaining compliant with programs like Savory, NHTC and GAP has become much smoother. I can walk the auditor through my AgriWebb, showing which animals were treated and where they were grazed, making the process seamless.”

lori conrow agriwebb

Lori Conrow, Director of Ranching

Sunfed Ranch – Woodland, California, USA

“We have to be able to scan cattle going through the yards and verify that those cattle are still part of the system. If we’re not in complete control of where they are, then our biggest asset is largely unknown. With that problem solved, the scalability of our operation is pretty much infinite.”

David Paton - Mitta Agricultural

David Paton, Owner

Mitta Agricultural – Mitta Valley, VIC, AU

“AgriWebb saved about $80K for us in 2020. The most important part of AgriWebb for me is the gross margin calculation. 20 years ago, every winter i’d spend 4-5 days in my office to figure an accurate gross margin on our cow-calf operation. AgriWebb is amazing because it does all that for me – saves me all that work, time and effort.”


rex buck agriwebb

Rex Buck, Owner

Wray Cattle Co – Wray, Colorado, USA

“Having AgriWebb on-farm helps our farmers to understand their farming business on a day to day basis. But also from a bigger picture, it will help them to plan, to help them get a full view and to make strategic decisions about their business.”

rebekah in front of tractor

Rebekah Price, Agriculture Manager

ABP Food Group – UK

Know your cost of production for every animal, in every paddock.

You shouldn’t have to guess at the investment you’re making into your operation. With AgriWebb, you can know the exact input costs connected to every livestock record you track, and gain fast insight into where you can reduce spend and maximise output.

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Make farm audits easier than ever.

Say goodbye to farm audit stress. Download your report, herd book or flock book in a few seconds; it’s really that easy. Plus, all your data is uploaded to your government database – automagically!

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Improve Animal Performance.

Optimising your livestock performance has never been easier. Interactive dashboards help you see key trends to make the right decisions. Easily manage for underperformers, optimise your overperformers and visualise the ideal time to sell each animal.

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Optimise Genetics

From genetic traits to vendors, you can double down on the factors that lead to your best-performing animals

Know your Top Performers

Know without question which animals command the best profits, produce highest quality carcases, and deliver the most efficient investment of dollars and resources

Unlock Profit Opportunity

Capitalise on the market by knowing which and when animals will be market-ready

Access the insights that matter most, instantly.

feed on offer report

Auto-calculated feed on offer

Auto-calculated feed on offer
Leave the guesswork out of your grazing. Know exactly how much forage is available in any pasture, at any time
feed on offer report

Grazing days remaining

Calculate grazing days remaining based on growth, minimum amounts of forage you’d like to leave, and the animal units in a particular pasture.
weight gain chart

Average daily gains

Track real-time weights individually or by herd, and power up profit-driving decisions by comparing average daily gains and projected live weights at a glance.
cattle weight report

Lifetime and on-farm animal performance

Get instant insight into average daily gains, weights, management groups, and costs and profits associated with each animal you manage with AgriWebb.
stocking rate report

Stocking rates

Know exactly how much land you you’re allotting to each animal during the grazing season.
red cattle

Exact DSE Calculations

Generate exact AU/DSE calculations in real time using the method of your choice: Age Class using industry averages, Projected Animal Body Weight, or Feed Consumption based on percent of body weight.

Put record keeping on autopilot with Live Sessions.

Live sessions are fully customisable to complement your management without losing a step. When your last animal walks away, you walk away with all the data you need to make informed decisions down the road.

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