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The only tool you need to run your whole farm

It’s easy to move your farm forward with AgriWebb. Instantly understand your investments, track the animal details that matter, and make cross-compliance a breeze, all with a few simple clicks.

Sian and Llion Jones

 “Now when we come to the office, we are looking at the data and making decisions based on it, instead of just inputting it and forgetting about it. That’s a big bonus.”

Llion and Sian Jones, Owners

Moelogan Fawr – Llanrwst, Wales, UK

“We’ve seen the benefits of AW virtually straight away – we know food consumption and how much calves should be consuming on a daily basis so if they’re way off the mark on that we can start acting on that instantly.”

George Breakwell, Tenant Farmer

Burcote Farm – Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK

Accelerate your finishing enterprise

Optimise animal performance

Identify-performers and bring them back into your herd, assess genetics to find your best bulls, and easily compare grazing efficiencies across your entire operation.

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Innovate your grazing strategy

Prove out new grazing practices, adapt to elements out of your control, and see real-time results from altered inputs.

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AI and bull servicing, sorted

Record bull & AI servicing on the go on your mobile phone. No more scraps of paper and nights entering data into Excel.

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Put record keeping on autopilot with Live Sessions

Live sessions are fully customizable to complement your management without losing a step. Whether you’re vaccinating or preg checking, get the data you need to make informed decisions down the road.

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Useful reports for suckler herds

AU load per Pasture

View current pasture stocking rates (AU/ac), a rainfall view combining stocking rates and past rainfall, and cumulative load based on herd animal units and movement records.

Gross Margin Report

Get instant profitability insight with a one-click tally of your outgoings and income recorded.

Fertility Report

Whether you are tracking when you put your bulls out, breed-up percentage, or birthing records, detailed fertility reports point directly to your most fertile and productive animals.

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